What Will it Take To Win In 2022?

Paul Erickson, Management One

Despite the turbulence, 2021 was a good year for most retailers. But how should you approach 2022 to win? Inflation is driving up the cost of purchases, including freight. Supply chain issues are improving but not completely resolved. Employees are demanding higher pay. The outlook for consumer demand could change as excess savings dissipate and government stimulus fades. And the bar for competing digitally continues to get higher. Paul Erickson, with Management One, will outline key strategies that will help you succeed in a changing environment.

About Paul Erickson

Paul Erickson presently serves as Director of Retail Education with Management One Inc. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota he has served retail clients throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Widely recognized for his talents as a retail educator, Paul has conducted seminars and workshops to retail trade shows and conferences throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, MR Magazine and on the CBS Evening News.

Mr. Erickson received a BS in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin and has completed a number of graduate level courses in Data Analysis and Statistical Theory and Probability.