Reels Mean Deals: The Power of TikTok and Instagram Reels and How Retailers Are Cashing In

Maddie Goode, Crystal Media

Are you leaving money on the table by not using Instagram Reels or TikTok to sell to your customers? Short form content has taken social media by storm, so gear up and get in the game! This session will simplify understanding of these platforms, share the posts that will engage (and sell!) the most, show the tricks to save you time, and spell out why retailers need to leverage this content format NOW! Get ready to stand out and cash in. Walk away with:

  • The strongest, action-worthy posts that’ll translate to dollars
  • The magic number… How often to actually post to get more Reach than you thought possible
  • The most compelling ways to promote and get the right eyeballs on your TikToks and IG Reels
  • The Hashtag know-how that’ll get you noticed
  • Powerful everyday examples of how retailers are seeing success, both locally and online

Learn how to integrate short form content with your overall strategy and why you don’t want to wait another day to leverage it! Get ready to stand out and cash in.

About Maddie Goode

As a Pittsburgh native (and Steelers die-hard), Maddie fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving out west to San Diego where she joined the Crystal Media team in 2019. Her Marketing and Supply Chain Management degree from the University of Pittsburgh, social media management background and flair for creativity made her a perfect fit for the Ads Management team.

A revered Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager by her many clients, don’t let Maddie’s easy-going nature fool you. Partnered with her thorough, detail-oriented approach, Maddie has achieved notable successes for her Ads clients, including a 68.7% increase in YTD sales (from when the client first started working with her) and multiple 10+x return on ad spend from custom Conversion campaigns.

Maddie combines her interest in championing small businesses with her passion for educating and entertaining from the stage, as well. From presenting at Crystal Media events to being spotlighted at regional and national levels (i.e. Travel Goods Show 2020, Nationwide Jewellers 2021, Great Lakes Floral Association 2022), Maddie has trained and left her helpful impression on hundreds of retailers to date.

Learn more at www.crystalmediaco.com