#Droolworthy Branding and How It Grows Your Retail Biz.

Kaila Piepkow, Dox Design

Join Kaila Piepkow, Owner, Founder & Creative Director of Dox Design, for a lesson in what they’ve coined as “drool-worthy” branding. Kaila will cover the key components that compile your visual brand, and how your brand can stand out in the sea of competitors in your space. You’ll walk away with a foundational understanding of:

  • The importance of honing in on your target audience, and building your niche
  • How to create & identify your brand tone
  • How to create a strategic visual brand that communicates your brand tone to your audience
  • The must-know info on color palettes, fonts, brand patterns, icons, and your overarching visual brand
  • How a #droolworthy brand will help you convert followers into paying customers
  • And much more!

About Kaila Piepkow

Kaila Piepkow is the Owner/Founder of Dox Design, a remote design firm & creative studio dedicated to helping business owners grow through #droolworthy design that connects with their customers… Besides being obsessed with all things dogs (she has 3 Dacschunds!) and design, she is the MOST passionate about supporting ambitious business owners in their branding journey.

After taking her first few years out of college in the traditional agency route working for big brands like Target, Apple, and Herman Miller she (like most entrepreneurs) felt restless… like her cup wasn’t being filled to the top. She had a vision, something big, bold, and most importantly, drool-worthy. And so, Dox Design was born!

Today, Kaila is proud to lead a fearless team of talented creatives on a mission to create strong, compelling brands that flaunt their clients’ stand-out qualities in fun and daring ways.

Together, Dox Design works together seamlessly to create #droolworthy brands and design for people just like you: the doers, the dreamers, and the brand-obsessed.