The New Retail: How Retailers Are Using eCommerce to Increase Sales and Serve Their Customers

Josh Orr, Streamline Retail

Brick and mortar retailers have a unique advantage over online-only retailers but most of us don’t use it (or even know what it is). What if we could tap into that advantage and find unique ways to serve our customers everywhere, just like we do in-store; all while increasing our in-store sales?

Key Points:

  • The New Retail Mindset – Going from a store to a brand
  • Your brick and mortar advantage
  • 6 Steps to the Perfect Online Purchase (A new iteration with what’s working now)
  • Using eCommerce to increase sales everywhere.

My hope is that you’ll leave inspired to take your online sales to the next level and with clear action steps to get started.

About Josh Orr

Josh Orr is the founder of Streamline Retail and host of the Retail Initiative Podcast, is one of the leading voices in eCommerce today. He specializes in helping retailers serve their customers through multiple channels, whether it is in-store or online. With his team, he has helped dozens of retailers gain traction in their online sales through customer-centric design and ecommerce marketing strategy. Apart from his company’s eCommerce services, you may have seen him on stages at markets and retail events around the US or have taken part in his digital classes or in-person events related to eCommerce marketing.

Apart from his work at Streamline Retail, he lives in Houston with his wife, Christin, and three kids, Ryan (6) and Emily (4), and Ben (1). He also plays guitar, listens to the same music he did in high school, but these days only gets to hear the Frozen soundtrack.