Conquering the 7 C’s to Create Unimaginable Results

Crystal Vilkaitis, Crystal Media

Social media changes too often! From its constant evolution to lack of results to simply not knowing where to start, frustrations run rampant with small business owners. Social media success, however, comes down to confidence in your methods. Having worked exclusively with retailers for over a decade, Crystal shares her proven 7C formula that’s critical to any social media plan. Embrace these steps in all areas of your business (even personal life!) and start seeing the long-lasting change, fulfillment and remarkable results you always knew were possible. It’s time to feel confident about your social media plan!

About Crystal Vilkaitis

For more than 15 years, Crystal has been helping local businesses boost sales and drive more traffic through social media and marketing. In 2012, Crystal founded Crystal Media, a social media advertising and digital marketing agency. Crystal is passionate about alleviating local business owners’ frustrations and confusion about social media and online marketing. Her mission is to make social media and digital marketing both fun and profitable.

Crystal has spoken to retailers and local business owners on various social media and marketing topics around the globe, including, across the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Crystal has also been featured as the leading retail social media expert in business and retail publications such as Fast Company, Where Women Create Business, Retailer Now, Specialty Retail Report, Gift Shop Magazine, Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Giftbeat, Southern Jewelry News, Smart Retailer, Residential Lighting, and Floral Management.

Crystal most recently launched Crystal Uncorked, a podcast that features inspiring guests, and interesting business conversations, over a glass of wine. She started Crystal Uncorked to share open and honest conversations about her journey, and to talk to other entrepreneurs about their experiences. Learn more at www.crystalmediaco.com and www.crystaluncorked.com.