The Strategies of Online Growth – How to Ignite Your Online Sales No Matter Where You Are Today

Presented by Josh Orr, Streamline Retail

Most brick & mortar retailers want to gain traction in their online sales but struggle to focus on the right things. To make things worse, there is a bunch of bad advice out there about this one thing that will solve all your problems. The truth is, it’s never one thing. But, the good news is it comes down to a few simple things done really well. You’ll learn the principles of The New Retail, the core elements of a growing eCommerce business, and how to create a site that sells (using our never-before-taught framework around the psychology of buying).

About Josh

Josh Orr, the founder of Streamline Retail, helps brick and mortar retailers launch and grow their online sales channels to increase revenue and drive more in-store traffic. He is passionate about helping retailers take the unique “wow” experience of their store and translate it into an awesome online experience that can truly engage their customers.