Get It Done – NOW! Understanding You & Your Team So You Can Build A Culture Of Productivity & Efficiency

Presented by JB Glossinger, MorningCoach

So many people don’t succeed – not because they lack talent – but because they aren’t getting the right things done. If you’ve tried organizational systems and productivity hacks that don’t help and sometimes even make things worse, this presentation is for you! You have to first understand HOW you think and then plug into the right productivity system that matches how you process information and how you prefer to take action.

About JB

JB Glossinger, MBA, Ph.D., is a self-described “archaeologist of life,” who has studied human potential, performance, and happiness for over 40 years. He is widely beloved as the MorningCoach, with a daily podcast that has been downloaded 40 million times over the past fifteen years. A sought-after motivational speaker and coach with an international following, JB is also a Mastermind group leader and a contributing writer for The Business Journals, a 43-paper network. He holds advanced degrees in business and metaphysics but credits his street education–from black eyes to near bankruptcy–with providing the life-changing lessons that inspired the keys to personal transformation he shares with audiences, coaching clients, and readers worldwide.