Making These 3 Mistakes Will Sink Your Clearance Sale

Presented by Cathy Donovan Wagner, RETAILMavens

Making these 3 common mistakes (which so many retailers do!) will seriously hurt the success and profitability of your clearance sale. At first glance, these mistakes seem to make sense which is what makes them so sneaky! By knowing how to avoid sabotaging your success, you’ll confidently move into the next season in a great position with less old inventory and more cash in your pockets!

About Cathy

As a former retail store owner, Cathy Donovan Wagner learned how to master numbers to go from near bankrupt, to owning three successful multi-million dollar stores. Cathy now uses her cutting edge expertise in retail and consumer behavior to help thousands of independent retailers increase sales and improve cash flow. Together with the RETAILMavens team she guides retailers to more profit, better sleep and living a life they love.