Get Crystal Clear: What’s Up (& Coming) with Social Media

Presented by Crystal Vilkaitis, Crystal Media

Social sites are consumers’ top destinations—where they share their every moment, crowd source information, connect with their favorite public figures and shop their beloved brands. These sites are rife with marketing potential, but they evolve so frequently that it’s tough for retailers to know what’s working TODAY. In this presentation, Crystal will reveal social media’s latest and most relevant features and their importance to retailers based on the latest data, trends, and consumer behavior.

About Crystal

Crystal Vilkaitis of Crystal Media is one of the highest-rated speakers ever at the Retail Success Summit and we are thrilled to have her back again this year. Crystal is a world-class social media trainer and top-rated speaker who has over 500,000 views on YouTube and Facebook. She’s worked with thousands of local businesses training them on how to easily use social media to significantly increase foot traffic, sales, and profits.