Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Presented by Cathy McKillip, Retail Profit Makers

We get so caught up in the day to day of running our stores that we sometimes don’t take time out to think about what we really want for our business and ourselves. In this session, Cathy will take you through the process of creating your vision and the step by step process to turn that vision into reality. This is the exact process that she used to create the business of her dreams and then sell it to become a WhizBang! Certified Coach.

About Cathy

After a successful corporate career, Cathy McKillip followed her dreams and bought a small, struggling retail store. She applied her passion for profit and turned this struggling business around – growing it 10X in 10 years. Now Cathy uses her expert analytical skills to help other independent store owners through Retail Profit Makers. She knows how to move the levers to help businesses increase profit. More profit equals more fun!