Is Your Sales Floor Layout Underperforming?

Presented by Anne Cecil, ONO Made In The 191

Your sales floor is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where your $ investment is presented and $ return on investment is achieved OR NOT… Today it is more important than ever to maximize every inch of your store as we give up product space to pick-up, delivery, and customer experience. In this session, we’ll explore using 4 Keys of Merchandising, identify Productivity Zones, consider Sales/Linear Foot AND discuss digital tools that can help your leverage your DATA and EXPERIENCE to optimize your sales floor for success.

About Anne

With 40 years of experience as an artisan, maker, seller AND a 30+ year professional career in merchandising, Anne Cecil of ONO Made in the 191 is uniquely positioned to ASSESS your product and sales spaces, then PROVIDE the knowledge, training and tools for you to create a roadmap to success. Anne will TEACH you how to orchestrate your merchandising to present an engaging customer experience & turn your investment into profit!