Gilbert Russell

Ottawa, ON, Canada | Dancewear | Marketing, Store Design, Customer Service

Whatever you are going through with your store, Gilbert Russell has likely been there. From growing at breakneck speed to being on edge of bankruptcy to stagnation – he has experienced it all. Gilbert took a $50 investment and built it into an international award-winning, industry-leading retailer of dancewear, swimwear, and bras.

Gilbert has learned what it takes to keep a shop thriving for over thirty years. And as a WhizBang! Certified Coach, he is passionate about sharing that knowledge with retailers like you. He will help you make your store thrive. And you will have the peace of mind you deserve. In his Coach’s Corner, Gilbert will be sharing ideas, answering questions and giving away free resources to help you make your store better. Drop in and see him (it should be fun)!