Candace D’Agnolo

Oak Lawn, IL | Pets | Inventory Planning, Cashflow, Marketing, Goal Setting

Candace D’Agnolo has been in the pet industry for over 16 years (retail, wholesale, doggy daycare, grooming, training, dog walking) and has successfully translated her passion for pets into multiple million-dollar businesses (including a retail store she sold to Marcus Lemonis and Bentley’s Pet Stuff). She’s conquered cash flow, tackled team issues, traveled the world while her business ran like clockwork, and created a freedom lifestyle instead of working like a dog in her business. But it wasn’t always that way. She’s turned obstacles into opportunities and created step-by-step systems for every facet of pet business’s unique challenges.

Her latest business, Pet Boss Nation, is a coaching and consulting community that helps bring profits to pet businesses through inventory planning, cashflow road maps, marketing, goal setting and more via her signature program the Pet Boss Club, now with a couple of hundred members.