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Join Us July 29 & 30, 2024 At The World’s Largest, Highest-Impact Business Conference For Independent Retailers

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Save Your Seat Today! Tickets are on sale now and availability is limited, so reserve your spot today for the world's largest business conference for Independent Retailers!

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Meet Your Hosts, Bob and Susan Negen

Bob and Susan have a combined forty years of retail store experience – Bob as the owner of the Mackinaw Kite Co., a chain of kite and toy stores, and Susan as an executive at retail giants Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor. In 1999 they founded WhizBang! Retail Training and for the last 21 years they have been helping indie retailers run super-successful stores.

In those 21 years, Bob and Susan have worked with hundreds of thousands of retailers, presented at trade shows and conferences all over North America, created numerous courses for retail owners, managers, and employees, and written a best-selling book on retail marketing.

Together they have a knockout one-two punch of sophisticated “big business” skills and street-smart small business experience!

A happy Bob Negen on stage at the 2022 Retail Success Summit.
Susan Negen waving at the camera during the reception.
Photo of Bob and Susan Negen on the stage at the 2022 Retail Success Summit

What Past Attendees Have To Say About The Retail Success Summit

WOW!!!! I only discovered the WhizBang! Retail Facebook Group about a month ago.  The past 4 days of the Summit have been full of so much great information.  I’ve hated to see each day end!  From the info, to the breakout groups and getting to talk to others it’s been incredible.  I just signed up for both the Retail Mastery System and the Retail Sales Academy and am ready to dive in from the high dive!  Thanks Bob, Susan, sponsors, coaches and the entire team behind an amazing virtual experience!


Chef Darin

So excited…must post!  Just completed my top 3 To-Do’s from the Summit!  Feeling pretty good right now!  Thank you Bob Negen & Susan Negen!! You guys are the best!!


12th Street Shoes

INCREDIBLE four days…. THANK YOU to the WHOLE WhizBang! team!!!  So Grateful!!!! #virtualrss


Heart's Desire

First time attendee and I am amazed at the amount of information that is packed into this summit!  Thank you!!!!


Barrett's Garden Center

I am so thankful for the Virtual Retail Success Summit!  I am reminded of the amazing things we learned each and every day.  Every change we implement, no matter how small, is a step forward.  Thank you Bob and Susan!


Center of the Yarniverse

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Sew-in-Stiches loves you guys!!!!


Sew In Stitches

  Thank You, Bob Negen and Susan Negen for all the amazing ideas, inspiration and constant positivity!!  And, for creating this wonderful community of like minded individuals who are all here to share and lift each other up and keep everyone succeeding.  Also, your live streams at the beginning of the pandemic really kept us from wallowing and falling into “‘stinkin’ thinking.'” So, THANK YOU for all you do for us!!!


Toy and Party

The Retail Success Summit Experience

We are thrilled with the experience you’ll have at this year’s Summit. It’s got everything you love, and we’re so excited that it’s going to be LIVE, BACK IN PERSON!

Networking and Connecting

One of the BEST parts of the Retail Success Summit is meeting other super-smart retailers, making new retail friends, and learning from folks both inside and outside your industry. And with the Retail Success Summit being LIVE and in-person once again, Networking and Connecting is going to be even better!

Private Facebook Group

Speaking of connecting, every Summit attendee will be a member of a private Facebook Group so you can continue to collaborate, share, help, and just plain have fun together outside of the regular Summit hours. Want to set up a coffee klatch? Use the FB Group to connect. Need help with an idea you learned at the Summit? Ask your group members. You’ve been through it all together.


Yes! We will still be having breakouts!. Think of them like the discussion groups you had in college for your large lecture classes. This is your chance to think deeper, ask questions, reflect, do the work, and share.

Exhibit Hall

Not only will you be able to meet and connect with your fellow retailers, but also with some really great people whose companies are all about helping indie retailers be better, smarter, and most importantly, more profitable. During the breaks, you’ll be able to visit our exhibit hall to learn, ask questions, and discover new possibilities for growing your business.

Printable Worksheets and Handouts

Online or in-person, you’ll have instant access to any of the worksheets, handouts, samples, and templates we (and our guest speakers) share.

Action Items

It wouldn’t be aRetail Success Summit if you didn’t come away with a thoughtful, organized, and powerful list of Action Items! While we hope you’re engaged, entertained, and enlightened by each of the programs during the Summit, what we really want is for you to take action on the ideas presented and transform your business. We have this process “baked-in” so you can’t miss it!

Check Out The Fun At The Retail Success Summit

The Summit isn’t just non-stop work… we also like to have FUN! We’ve got some exciting stuff planned for you.


The Retail Success Summit wouldn’t be the same without some great SWAG! Now, I can’t tell you about the goodies that are going to be inside – it’s a secret – but I can tell it’s going to be awesome. Fun stuff to keep, fun stuff to use during the Summit..


Are you feeling lucky?? Because we are going to be giving away a ton of great prizes – thousands of dollars worth!


Yep, in addition to some great prizes, we’re also going to have some awesome contests. Will you claim bragging rights and be the winner? Will you take home one of the contest prizes? Only one way to find out… Come join the learning and fun.

Cocktail Party
Of course! What’s better way to celebrate our return to a LIVE AND IN-PERSON Retail Success Summit than a cocktail party?

Network With Other Business Owners

There will be time set aside for you to mix and mingle with the many other retailers and small business owners who attend the event. Including the “always-a-hit” networking party where you’ll have a great time chatting with all your new friends, meeting our sponsors, hanging out with Bob and Susan, and exchanging great ideas for success.

The other attendees understand the ups and down of retail and many people find the time they spend talking to other people who “get it” is just a valuable as the time spent in sessions during the day.  You’ll undoubtedly create bonds with other attendees that will last long after the Summit is over!

Tickets are On Sale Now!

Save Your Seat Today! Tickets are on sale now and availability is limited, so reserve your spot today for the world's largest business conference for Independent Retailers!

Use Coupon Code 2024 To Save $500