If You Are Ready To EXPAND Your Retail Business… Join Us At The 2022 Retail Success Summit!

June 13 & 14, 2022
Grand Rapids, MI

Experience this “can’t miss” conference that the most successful Independent Retailers from North America and around the world attend year after year!

Discover new money-making ideas, build your network of super-smart retail colleagues, get introduced to the latest retail trends, and soak in the galvanizing energy you need to make it all happen. The Retail Success Summit will increase your sales, your profits, your success!

It has been a challenging couple of years, but the tide is turning, and NOW is the time to take advantage of all the heavy lifting, endless pivoting, and plain old hard work you have done. Now is the time to…

Retail Success Summit: Expand

Your Sales
Your Profits
Your Productivity
Your Leadership
Your Team
Your Fun
Your Community

Your Knowledge
Your Skills
Your Abilities
Your Brand
Your Appeal
Your Reach
Your Followers

Your Freedom
Your Mindset
Your Passion
Your Dreams
Your Vision
Your Impact

The 2022 Retail Success Summit is Possibly the Most Important Summit… EVER!

The world business landscape – and the retail landscape along with it – continues to change rapidly. There is almost too much going on to grasp it all!

This is no time to try to ‘go it alone.’

At WhizBang! Retail Training, we have been studying the retail landscape closely, and we know that now is the time to develop your business by EXPANDING…

  • Your Skills – mastering the essential skills that are now table stakes for every retail business, plus looking ahead and picking up new skills that will put you ahead of the game tomorrow,
  • Your Vision – seeing the big picture, the trending and future opportunities so that you can be prepared to take advantage of them and lead your field,
  • Your Networks – building tight connections with already successful retailers that provide the support, challenge, and wisdom you need as you expand your business,
  • Your Energy – fueling your ideas, your productivity, your effectiveness, so you can rise to the business demands you face with vigor and still maintain a vibrant personal life,
  • Your Optimism – knowing (for perhaps the first time in over fifty years) that Independent Retailers have the upper hand in the retail food chain.

There is so much potential lying in wait for retail store owners… And you need to be ready to make the most of it.

Meet Your Hosts, Bob and Susan Negen

Bob and Susan have a combined forty years of retail store experience – Bob as the owner of the Mackinaw Kite Co., a chain of kite and toy stores, and Susan as an executive at retail giants Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor. In 1999 they founded WhizBang! Retail Training and for the last 21 years they have been helping indie retailers run super-successful stores.

In those 21 years, Bob and Susan have worked with hundreds of thousands of retailers, presented at trade shows and conferences all over North America, created numerous courses for retail owners, managers, and employees, and written a best-selling book on retail marketing.

Together they have a knockout one-two punch of sophisticated “big business” skills and street-smart small business experience!

Why NOW Is The Time To EXPAND Your Knowledge and Your Vision for the Future of Your Business

We believe that the world is on the cusp of some revolutionary innovations that are going to have as much impact on Independent Retail as…

  • The rise of big box retail in the 1960’s and 70s,
  • The development of the internet and world wide web in the early 1990’s,
  • The expansion of e-commerce behemoths like Amazon in the early 2000s,
  • The massive disruption of social media in the mid 2000s.

All these earlier market disruptions lead to…

  • Leadership and immense profit for early adopters,
  • Business building and stable profit for mid-term adopters,
  • And playing “catch up” for the rest of the pack.

Our goal for the Retail Success Summit 2022 is to set your feet on the path towards industry leadership, abundant profit, and intentional expansion. We know from the past that there’s a lot of room at the top for early adopters and we want YOU to be among them.

  • Are you aware of all the emerging, revolutionary innovations and opportunities that your peers will be profiting from?
  • Has your store made the breakthroughs and laid the foundations necessary to excel in this exciting new world of retail?
  • Are you confident that you can make good decisions quickly when new expansion opportunities present themselves?

Our keynote speaker, noted futurist Joel Comm, will help us take a peek around the corner and see what’s coming next for retailers. Sure, you could just put your head in the sand like a big ol’ ostrich, but that won’t keep the future from coming. It didn’t work for those who refused to get an email address or build a decent website in the 90’s, it didn’t work for those who said social media was a fad for kids in the 00’s. The best independents get out in front and LEAD into the future!

“This will be my 4th Retail Success Summit. Each year I get so many ideas to implement, I make tons of new connections, and I get psyched about my business!”

Summer Allen, Valentine Footwear – Bangor, ME

You’ll come away from the Retail Success Summit with…

  • New Ideas & Inspirations… to make more money, to build an amazing company culture, and to help your business dreams come true,
  • New Skills… so you can confidently face the future and be on the cutting-edge of opportunity and profitability,
  • New Strategies… to replace those that are out-of-date and causing you to fall behind,
  • New Insights… into the opportunities and potential dangers that lie ahead,
  • New Tools… to strengthen your retail fundamentals in order to boost profits, lower your stress, and increase your free time,
  • New & Stronger Relationships… within the wider Independent Retail community and your own industry,
  • New, Refreshed Energy… to lean into the future and surmount all challenges,
  • New Confidence… in your knowledge, decision-making powers, direction, and insight.

Why is this so important? Several years ago, a Dunn & Bradstreet survey reported in the Harvard Business Review found that…

“90% of the small businesses that fail, do so because of a
lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner.”

If it’s the lack of retail skills and knowledge which can tank your business, then logic simply dictates that expanding your skills and knowledge will profoundly increase your chances of business success!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand-new retailer or have owned your store for 25 years, the more knowledge you have about what to do and how to do it, the better your results are likely to be.

BUT, knowledge alone isn’t enough…

While we hope you’re engaged, informed, and educated by every single moment of the Retail Success Summit, what we really want is for you to go back home, act on the ideas presented, transform your business, and get more satisfaction from your life.

“My favorite Tip during Day 1 of the Retail Success Summit is so simple, but it will make me thousands of dollars this year. This one little tip paid for my long trip from Ontario to Grand Rapids. Can’t wait to see what I’ll learn tomorrow!”

Gilbert Russell, Brio Bodywear Inc, – Ottawa, ON, Canada

Expand Your Knowledge With Presentations From Expert Speakers

At the Retail Success Summit you’ll learn from the most knowledgeable speakers around – speakers who aren’t just ‘masters of theory,’ but ones who have hands-on experience and can highlight both the opportunities and the pitfalls that you will face.

Independent Retail Experts, Bob and Susan Negen

Of course, you’ll get LOTS of mainstage time (plus a couple of breakout options) with your conference hosts, Bob and Susan Negen. Their presentations are filled with inspiring, practical content that has the power to transform your retail business.

Keynote Speaker, Joel Comm

A noted futurist, Joel Comm helps businesses and brands cut through the info clutter, identify the important innovations that will revolutionize their future, and understand how to position their companies to take advantage before their competition even takes notice. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear his latest forecast for the retail industry!

Plus More Industry Experts!

You’ll learn everything from branding and open-to-buy planning, to social selling and online strategy, in breakout sessions presented by industry experts. These folks know their stuff and are committed to helping you expand your business, your reach, your skills, and your profits.

Crystal Vilkaitis

Crystal Vilkaitis

Crystal Media

Conquering the 7 C’s to Create Unimaginable Results

Maddie Goode

Maddie Goode

Crystal Media

Reels Mean Deals: The Power of TikTok and Instagram Reels and How Retailers Are Cashing In

Josh Orr

Josh Orr

Streamline Retail

The New Retail: How Retailers Are Using eCommerce to Increase Sales and Serve Their Customers

Kaila Piepkow

Kaila Piepkow

Dox Design

#Droolworthy Branding and How It Grows Your Retail Biz.

Dane Cohen

Dane Cohen

Management One

What Will It Take To Win In 2022 (Presenting with Paul Erickson)

Paul Erickson

Paul Erickson

Management One

What Will It take To Win In 2022 (Presenting with Dane Cohen)

Anne Cecil

Anne Cecil

ONO Made In The 191

Re-Imaging Your Sales Floor For The Next Golden Age of Retail

Nick McHenry

Nick McHenry


How to drive insane repeat transactions and digital sales with text message marketing

"Once you commit to go you know you are going to improve and change your business. After I went, I came back regenerated and packed full of new ideas! Thank you for a great experience."

Trish Dougherty, The Kawartha Store - Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

A Clear Action Plan to Create More Profit

Education without ACTION is merely entertainment. What you need and what you’ll get from the Summit is…

We are not in the entertainment business. We want to make a huge impact on your business, and we know that you can only get better results and have the ultra-successful store of your dreams if you take action.

That’s why there’s one very special feature built into the Retail Success Summit that we know will make an amazing difference in your business.

Unlike most seminars where you come home with a bunch of notes that you stuff in a drawer somewhere, you’re going to leave the Summit with a personalized one-page action plan you can put to work immediately to grow your business.

It’s an exact blueprint of where you want to go and how you’re going to get there… a step-by-step plan for your path to success.

Laura Oladokon

"It's an absolute game changer. I can see a huge shift in my business journey (for the better!) after attending my first Summit. I even met my retail-bestie at Summit and we talk and support each other several times a week. I couldn’t imagine life without her, and it was all because of summit!"

Laura Oladokon, Sweet Boutique St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

The Summit Experience

Are you wondering just exactly what happens during your days at the Retail Success Summit? Here’s a run-down of the details…

A Peek Into the Future

Our keynote speaker, noted futurist Joel Comm, will help us take a peek around the corner and see what’s coming next for retailers. Sure, you could just put your head in the sand like a big ol’ ostrich, but that won’t keep the future from coming. It didn’t work for those who refused to get an email address or build a decent website in the 90’s, it didn’t work for those who said social media was a fad for kids in the 00’s. The best independents get out in front and LEAD into the future!

2 Days of World-Class Retail Education

From 8:30 in the morning to 5 at night, you’ll be immersed in best-in-class training for independent retailers. Sure, we’ll give you some breaks so your brain doesn’t melt, but come ready to EXPAND your mind!

Pre-Event Party

Join us the evening before the event for early registration. Grab your name tag and goodie bag without the “morning-of” hustle and bustle. PLUS, you can sip a cocktail, do some networking, and find a retail friend to sit with the next morning!

Custom Goodie Bag

Filled with fun and indispensable swag, every attendee will get the things necessary to make your Summit easy and effective. And the bag itself is pretty useful… even after the event is over!

Amazing Breakouts

Once in the morning and once in the afternoon of both days you’ll have the opportunity to choose an amazing presentation by one of our expert speakers. Note: there are more breakouts than a single person can attend… it’s a great reason to bring one of your teammates with you.

Easy, Effortless Networking

We are taking our own step into the future with some artificial intelligence software that will help you connect with other attendees you SHOULD know, even if you’re not a natural networker. If you already love to meet and greet, this will make your event shine!

Lunch On Your Own… Or With Friends!

We give you plenty of time for lunch, either alone to work on digesting what you’ve already learned, or with a new retail BFF to share ideas and insights from the morning.

Monday Evening Cocktail Party

Let us buy you a drink! Immediately following the end of the first day you’re invited to a special networking cocktail party. Spend time talking with Bob and Susan, the expert speakers, and most importantly, connecting with the other super-smart retailers in the room.

Event Sponsor Conversations

Each one of the Summit Sponsors has incredible money-making, cost-cutting, business-enhancing products and services to tell you about. Trust me, we would NOT invite them if their stuff wasn’t absolutely top notch and a great fit for independent retailers. We vet every single one.

“Baked In” Action Planning

During each session and throughout the day you’ll be building an actual PLAN that you can take back to your store and put into ACTION. Notes and ideas are great – a workable PLAN is far better. This has been one of the most powerful parts of the Summit for the last 14 years.

What Past Attendees Have to Say About the
Retail Success Summit…

Location, Logistics & Other Details

The Retail Success Summit will be held at the DeVos Place Convention Center in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 13 & 14, 2022.

In the heart of downtown Grand Rapids (named as one of the best places in the US to live by both the Men's Journal and the Wall Street Journal Market Watch) the DeVos Place is situated on the lovely Grand River and is large enough to hold the 500+ retailers expected to gather for the Summit.

Check-in and name tag pick-up will begin at 8:00 am on Monday, 6/13/2022 and the event starts promptly at 8:30 am.  The Summit will close at 5:00 pm on Tuesday 6/14/2022

Fly into the Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR).  There's no need to rent a car, the airport is a short, 25-minute cab ride to the Retail Success Summit's location at the DeVos Place downtown Grand Rapids.

The DeVos Place is connected via covered walkway to the Amway Grand Plaze Hotel and the JW Marriott, and is within easy walking distance of great restaurants, shops, and museums. 

Closest Recommended Hotel: Amway Grand Plaza

Amway Grand Plaza (Connected by sky bridge to DeVos Place).

WhizBang! Retail Training is please to offer discounted room nights of $179 per night for our Retail Success Summit attendees.

Click Here to reserve your room online or call 800.253.3590, and mention the WhizBang! Retail Success Summit.  The block room discount is limited so please make your reservations right away.

187 Monroe Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
800.253.3590 | sales@amwaygrand.com

JW Marriot (Connected by sky bridge to Amway Grand Plaza & DeVos Place)

WhizBang! Retail Training is pleased to offer discounted room nights of $209 per night for our Retail Success Sumitt attendees.  Click Here to reserve your room online, or call 877.901.6632 and mention the WhizBang! Retail Success Summit.  The block room discount is limited so please make your reservations right away.

235 Louis Campau NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
877.901.6632 | sales@amwaygrand.com









"I just returned from the WhizBang! Retail Success Summit in Grand Rapids. What a valuable two days! These folks are GREAT at what they do. Every idea I’ve tried has worked. I am so fired up!"

Susan Richmond - Inklings Bookshop, Yakima, WA

Seating is Limited. REGISTER TODAY!

Normally, registration for the Retail Success Summit is $997 for the first person and $297 for each additional person from your store. But through midnight on Friday, May 13, you can take advantage of the special pricing and SAVE $200! Your Retail Success Summit ticket includes 2 full days of business-building, money-making, retail-specific information, nationally-recognized guest speakers, amazing networking opportunities, your take-home action plan, and lots of fun. Honestly, you’d have to sleep through the entire event not to pick up enough great ideas to pay the registration fee 100X, 200X, even 500X over. A $100,000 ROI on this event should be a slam-dunk for any retailer who has half a brain (you do) and is willing to use the ideas you’ll learn (you will).

Your 100% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee!

If at the end of the first day of the Retail Success Summit, you do not feel you are getting ideas, strategies, tools, and techniques that (put into action) would generate at least $100,000 in revenue for your store, simply turn your notebook in to our team, have a phone call with Bob, and you’ll get a 100% refund of your registration fees... PLUS $1,000. Why? Because, quite simply, the value is there. No other event gives a guarantee like this, but then again, no other event is quite like the Retail Success Summit!

Register above OR call 800.842.1660 to register by phone. The WhizBang! Team would love to talk to you if you have any questions.